Hurri Cosmo       

Love is the answer



Those eyes. Nick could once again feel that hot gaze. He was being watched. But just where the man was, Nick had no idea. Close though. This time the man was so close. Nick shivered. It wasn’t out of fear. No. Far from it. He was actually thrilled under that haunting focus. Feral, sexual, demanding. Like Nick was being sized up as some sort of tasty morsel and honestly, something like that should piss him off. Nick was the alpha in his relationships.

Well, he had been in the past, anyway. Far past.

The hell of it was, he knew instinctively, if he were to ever meet this shadow man, he wouldn’t be. And for some reason, his heart actually beat faster because of it. 

He shook his head. Why the hell he was even thinking about sex with a shadow, a complete stranger, was another mystery but his cock was at the ready and his ass muscles flexed in anticipation. When was the last time that had happened? Actually? Never. And he had stroked himself to completion plenty of times, not that he would ever admit to it, just thinking about this dominant stranger and what he might do to him. Like tying him down, entering him from behind. Maybe the guy would be rough, talk dirty, make Nick come countless times.

Yeah, countless.

Nick had them doing it in the bed and in the shower, the hallway and on his desk. Oh yes. He had never had sex on his desk before.

The shadow man had “shown up” at each and every one of these recent murder scenes during the 77th’s investigation. Each and every time Nick felt the pure incredible sexiness of the man. It seemed that with each new body that turned up, the shadow felt closer and closer. Nick knew he was the only one who felt the shadow’s presence although Mason had eyed Nick a few times, obviously concerned. Sure, he had thought of the possibility this shadow was actually the killer but he dismissed it. The man would have to actually be here in order to kill like these people were being killed. And the shadow man wasn't here. He was in a different realm and was, for some reason, not crossing over completely. 

Nick hoped that the guy wasn’t trying to rip through.

Unfortunately, the 77th had dealt plenty with ominous rips recently. And now Nick was thinking, with as close as his unseen potential lover felt tonight, if there were one more murder, the shadow man would finally materialize. Finally become flesh. Oh! He would become very hot flesh. 

One more body.

Except murders were definitely not something a cop should hope for…


“Show yourself,” Nick whispered, desperate the man materialize, but not willing he was heard by his comrades. “Please, show yourself.” He felt debased, pathetic even, but that didn’t stop him from needing. There was an almost physical pull toward this being, a necessity to be in his actual presence.

And on his knees.

Seriously? Fuck.

“You beg so nicely,” came the whispered reply. “I can’t wait to sink into you, to claim you. Be patient, my sweet.” 

The voice moved air. It tickled Nick’s neck and his hairs shifted as if the man stood right behind him, towering over him, enveloping him in his arms. Another shiver passed through Nick. Oh! How he wanted this man.