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Hyden's Law 

Graham's had it with Alphas. His experiences with them have been disastrous at best. Even with ones that didn't tumble him into the nearest bed. So when the chance to move in with another Omega comes up, Graham grabs it. But... the guy is huge! Graham's never seen an Omega so big. Plus, he seems to be able to push buttons only an Alpha's been able to push in the past. But trust is something that comes easy to Graham. If Hyden doesn't admit to being an Alpha - he must not be. Right?

Hyden has just met his fated mate - in the middle of a territorial war. Not the best timing. But now that Graham's here, Hyden can hardly let the little pup escape, which he will do if he finds out Hyden is not only an Alpha but THE Alpha. With the Mating Moon scant days away how will Hyden convince the smaller Graham that not all Alphas are selfish bastards? And he's going to have to because blood fever will not be ignored and Hyden can already feel it taking over his senses. Once it does, there will be no turning back. Hyden might have to resort to tying the little pup up in order to make sure he doesn't bolt off into the night. Hmmm. Not a bad thought. He might have to do that anyway... Read More



March 8, 2016

Trace is nursing a broken heart. He lost his job, his boyfriend of two years was cheating on him, and his apartment building burned right to the ground with all his worldly possessions. It was time for Trace to get out of Minnesota. 

So Trace heads for Texas and Riven Creek Ranch, the horse farm his aunt Lois owns. But hours before he arrives, Lois is in a terrible car accident that nearly takes her life, and Trace finds himself in charge of the ranch kitchen. All he has to do is breakfast and lunch and haul plenty of cold water and snacks throughout the day. Sounds simple enough and it's the least he can do for his recuperating aunt. 

Then Sawyer happens.

Sawyer is his aunt's big, beautiful, muscle bound, incredibly sexy straight ranch manager. Someone who has no clue Trace is gay. And meeting the big man should have been okay, except it was in the middle of his aunt's kitchen at five in the morning and Trace was nearly buck naked. Embarrassing? Yep. But the very next day Trace proceeded to ramp up his embarrassment by quantum leaps when he nearly sets his aunt's house on fire and the brooding Sawyer comes to the rescue. 

Seems like Trace's "luck" followed him.

Not to mention that Aunt Lois's "accident" was actually attempted murder. The brakes lines in her car were cut on purpose. And now, To make matters even worse, itseems those same people who are out to kill his aunt,just might want Trace dead, too.

How can Trace keep himself and his aunt alive and safe, figure out who's behind the attempts on his aunt's life AND keep the big beautiful  Sawyer, from finding out he's hot for the cowboy?

He probably can't. But he's going to try.  READ MORE!



Kyrus is a wanted man. Being an Astral Mage, he controls life and death. Which means others want to control him, so he's run from planet to planet, hiding. Until Tilbarr saves him. But with Kyrus by his side, Tilbarr's life is in danger. So Kyrus runs again and the chase begins anew.

Kyrus has never cared about life and death, he controls them. He's an Astral Mage, better known as a "Soul Giver", a race of people who can reattach life force energy back to its source. In other words, he brings the dead back to life.

For years the Confederated Authority, the governing body for planets, has been methodically hunting Astral Mages down and Kyrus is as pure as they've seen. So it becomes a huge risk when Tilbarr, the captain of the Wolf, brings Kyrus on board his ship.

Not that Tilbarr is afraid of the ConFed. Far from it. But the threat to Kyrus doesn't come from outside the Wolf and it isn't long before Tilbarr realizes he just may have to give up everything in order to save Kyrus: his ship, his crew, and even his life. All in all, not a bad trade off. 


How West Was Won

Amber Allure

Jake is on a much-needed vacation when he receives a desperate call from Alan, his former boyfriend. Against his better judgment, Jake comes to Alan’s aid. But when the men become stranded in the middle of nowhere, Alan is determined to get to town before the sun sets rather than spend the night in the car. Unfortunately, they have to cut across private property to do it. Since it’s trespassing, they could get arrested

—or surrounded by a bunch of cowboys hell bent on teaching the trespassers a lesson.

Thankfully, a muscular, stunning cowboy named Colton shows up to save the day. But he’s not about to let Jake off easy. It seems there are still a few lessons to be learned, and it looks like they might involve leather, some handcuffs, and a suspiciously high, padded trunk...


The Superior Jewel

Amber Allure

Ryan is shocked when he sees Jansen, a man who had rescued him from a psychotic co-worker two months ago, now standing on the same yacht, The Superior Jewel. And now this big sexy man seems to be in hot pursuit of him, relentlessly and expertly backing the confused Ryan against a hard wall.

Deliciously turned on by the man’s erotically suggestive flirting, Ryan suddenly finds himself in competition with his former girlfriend, vying for Jansen’s attention.

As the heat ramps up between them, so does Ryan’s self-doubt, forcing Jansen into making it perfectly clear who he intends on taking with him off the boat, even if he has to chase down, subdue and throw that certain someone over his shoulder to do it...


The Servant Prince,  Book One of The Ice Dragon Tales, has been released with Book Two, The Servant King and is out now!


Prince Joron of Blade Rain spends his days helping the people of his land since his father, the king, cares nothing for them. In order to avoid the king’s wrath, he always wears a disguise when he’s out on his missions. He’s in such a disguise when King Aric of Claymoor Doom, the neighboring kingdom, first sees him and falls hard for the “servant” Joron pretends to be. But when Aric tries to find him again, no one seems to know the beautiful young man’s identity.

When Joron’s father dies from a suspicious illness, leaving Joron’s older brother, Diagus, on the throne, Joron finds his own life in danger. For protection, he disguises himself once again, this time as a woman. 

After saving the beautiful “woman” from assault, the visiting king, Aric, can’t stop thinking about her. He’s led to believe she’s Princess Liarta, Joron’s sister, and immediately asks the new king for her hand in marriage. Diagus, eager to gain the wealth and power such a match would bring, agrees. But an emergency in his own land calls King Aric home before he realizes his mistake.

Princess Liarta is devastated at the arrangement, so Joron secretly journeys to Claymoor Doom to try to negotiate a new deal with King Aric. Imagine Aric’s surprise when he discovers Prince Joron is not only the “servant” he’d sought for so long, but also the “princess” he’d thought he’d bargained to wed! Aric tells Joron he will release Princess Liarta from her obligation of marriage...but only if Joron takes her place in his bed.

Joron can’t ignore the attraction he feels for the strong and handsome king, but the man’s proposition is unthinkable. Or is it? Caught in a battle of wills between two kings, uncertain who is friend and foe, and torn between his growing passion for King Aric and his responsibilities to his own people, Joron isn’t sure where to turn. Amidst plots, machinations, and dangerous secrets that could rock both kingdoms to their foundations, could it actually be possible to find a happy ending?


The One

Amber Allure

Hunter has trained all of his life to become a hero, and now he has his chance. A great evil has invaded the land, and the kingdom’s royal seer has dreamed that there is only one man who can save them. So the king launches a quest to find the “One” from the seer’s dream. 

Hunter has had dreams also, frightening dreams that eagerly entice him to the castle in order for the seer to determine whether he is indeed the “One.” But before they meet, the seer mysteriously disappears. Now, Hunter’s only choice is to launch his own quest to find the missing psychic.

But Tome, an alluring man who drives Hunter crazy with his endless pursuit of being the best, insists he accompany Hunter on his quest—to protect him. And to make matters worse, the ever-mischievous and sexually aggressive Tome even handcuffs himself to Hunter, making it impossible for him to refuse.

How can Hunter save the world if he has to constantly battle a demanding Tome’s lascivious advances? More importantly, how can he save himself from falling for this man with the dazzling smile?


Forgetting Yesterday 

Amber Allure

This is now a BEST SELLER on All Romance!

Seth has never had much luck with men. Why he is constantly attracted to the gorgeous straight guy who always ends up ripping out his heart is something only a phycologist would be able to understand. Seth only knows he needs to stay away from them. All of them.

Except that Marc, a charismatic “ladies man,” comes strolling into the shipping department where Seth works and proceeds to tear down every single wall of security Seth has built to protect himself. There is no way Seth can resist. And now hell has to be paid by Seth’s heart. Again.

Marc has only dated women...okay, bedded them. But after taking to bed yet another woman from his office and getting slapped this time—hard—for not being able to even “perform,” he realizes something has to change. Yet Marc has no idea that “change” will be in the gender of the partner he’ll take into his bed...or into his heart...

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Saving Jack

Amber Allure

Standing on a cold, high bridge in the middle of nowhere is actually progress for Jack Demar. Nevertheless, exhausted, aching from both physical and mental bruises with no food, no coat, no real life to speak of, he stares into the rushing water below and can’t help but wonder...what is the point of going on?

Jack is on the run from Trevor, an abusive ex-lover, when Sam Wyndom, the police chief of the tiny town of Stonefield, shows up. Sam feeds him, gives him a bed and shelter, and offers him time to heal. Even so, Jack is still surprised how strongly he’s attracted to the tall, handsome, and muscular lawman. After two years with Trevor, he thought that part of his heart was long dead. But it hardly matters what he feels, since he knows he can’t stay in one place too long.

Sam is content taking care of his town. Sure he’s alone, but that doesn’t mean he’s lonely. Still, his tiny town doesn’t offer up much in the way of potential partners—until Jack shows up. Suddenly, Sam will do anything to get Jack to stay, which means he will need to show the frightened and abused man he can be trusted to protect him.

But Trevor isn’t finished with Jack yet. With a little bit of detective work, he’s going to find him...and then Sam will have to work extra hard to keep Jack safe...


Book One of Dragon for Hire

Amber Allure

Relath Talasar is a wizard, not a scam artist, although that’s what Khat, the local sheriff, believes. Mainly because Khat does not believe in wizards, or dragons, or magic of any kind. Belief in such things can put you in jail and practicing magic can actually get you executed. All Khat is trying to do is force Relath to leave town so he doesn't have to deal with it. But after coming to LockShire, following an evil Angel Walker, Relath has fallen hard for the lawman. Now not only does Relath have to protect the big dumb sheriff and defeat the Angel Walker, he has to stay ahead of the colonel hell bent on seeing him hang. 


Amber Moon  

Logan's Intoxicating Fantasy 


Logan has a past he doesn't want to talk about.  One, that after tonight, he is leaving behind for good.  He is also leaving behind his all consuming unrequited love for Ryder.  He will drink the Amber Moon that wise old Solomon has put in front of him and finally walk into a new future.  Maybe even a new love.

But that may not have been what Solomon meant.  Maybe Solomon knew something Logan didn't.  Like things in Logan's past that can't be left behind.  Ryder being one of them.  Because Ryder doesn't like the idea of only being in Logan's past, not when he fully intends to be Logan's future.  Read more...

Until You 

Fireborn Publishing


Asher has a few issues. His older brother amassed a huge gambling debt that landed him in the hospital, his immediate boss at the club where he works is out for revenge, and the owner of the club, wealthy Max Tyler, is after his ass. Literally. Asher is also attracted to Tyler, but the same people who put his brother in the hospital also want Tyler dead. Not only that but they're blackmailing Asher into helping with their plot. Do as they say or his brother will die.

But Tyler is not so easily defeated, by thugs or a reluctant Asher. Lust at first sight, Tyler always gets what he wants and he wants Asher, Even if it kills him.

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Chase and Capture

Amber Allure


It was only a game, right?  An adult twist of "Capture the Flag". Very adult. Especially the "flag" and where it went.   Actually the only similarity between the kid version and the adult version was you still needed to capture your opponent's flag to win.  So how the hell had Camden ended up here?  

Oh yeah, that's right, Tanner, Camden's good buddy from college.  He was not going to let Camden piss away another birthday.  In fact, he was hell bent on getting Camden laid, so much so, the idiot set up this entire weekend gig.  And that's where Camden found himself now; on a remote island playing a chase and capture game. But why was he the one being chased?  Why was Camden the prey and that big, sexy, dark haired, muscle bound, relentless god of a man, Gunner, the hunter?  It should be the other way around because it was Camden's birthday, damn it! 

Well, thankfully there were going to be three rounds played because it looked like Camden was going down before even reaching the first check point.  Yep.  Going down on all fours, flag confiscated and... Well, let's just say he would be screwed.  

So... what was the down side of losing again?  Read More

Baby, Think it Over!

March 1, 2015

Amber Allure

Aedon can't wait to go on the three week break from school. His parents are off on a vacation for two of them and he's going to have the entire house all to himself. Except he forgot about a school project. One that would be half of his science grade, a grade he needs in order to graduate. The project? The class needs to "partner up" and take a baby home. 

Luckily, it's only one of those computerized things, and Aedon's convinced it's not really an physiological exercise in "The Effects of a Child on a Young Couple". He thinks it's a not so veiled attempt at sex education; as in not having any.

And to top it off the great Tarell Alan has decided Aedon is going to be his "wife" for the project. But Aedon's not worried. Tarell did it to prove a point. He isn't really going to spend the whole three weeks helping Aedon to take care of a baby. Especially one that seems to cry all the time.

But Aedon is wrong. Tarell actually does intend to spend the three weeks with him, particularly when he learns that Aedon’s parents are away because the teacher’s directive of “parental supervision” doesn’t apply to an Alan.

Now Aedon is on his feet constantly, walking a colicky baby and running from a horny daddy! What’s a boy to do? 

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The Door Keeper

Amber Allure

The Minneapolis/St.Paul 77th precinct has been labeled as a group of misfits. It's actually rather unfair. They, in reality, have talent. Paranormal talent. Of course, no one really knows that. 

Nick, their boss, keeps them busy chasing all those creepy things that tend to go "bump" in the night. Keeping the cities safe and totally unaware that doors to other realms even exist. Mainly because Nick is the Door Keeper. He keeps order in what would otherwise be chaos. 

But chaos has suddenly materialized in the form of a dangerous vampire. Ferociously brutal, he is a killing machine and must be stopped. So the last thing Nick needs is another partner. Especially one as sexy as Arrain. 

To top it off, Arrain intends on being more than just a partner. Something Nick cannot allow. Not with the secret he harbors.

Turns out Arrain has a few secrets of his own and one thing he knows. The vampire is after Nick to not only kill the Door Keeper, but to take his power. Can he get Nick to trust him in time to save him?


I Believe Now 

Sequel to Until You

Fireborn Publishing

Max Tyler and Asher Madden are back! And so is someone from Max's very sordid past. A man who believes he has been seriously wronged by the great Max Tyler. 

Wyatt Jackson is mad. Max Tyler made it impossible for him to be re-elected and that was all the politician was after. Then, to add insult to injury, Tyler left him alive, making it obvious he thought less than nothing of the man's ability to be a problem for him. That just makes him more than mad. 

He wants an apology. He wants his life back. He wants Max Tyler dead. 

And he has plans to make it all happen with his first step of kidnapping Asher.

Of course that forces Max to come up with a plan of his own. The only problem is, this time, that well thought out, perfectly planned sequence of events that were supposed to defeat the bad guy and get Asher back in his protective arms does not play out as perfectly as Max thought it would. And because of that, Asher just might not make it out alive.

The long awaited sequel to Until You is coming soon.

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COMING September 20!

Amber Allure

Logan Perry needed a new life. One that was far away from his very conservative small town Iowa. So when the opportunity of a job as a nurse/companion of an elderly lady in a suburb of Houston, Texas, comes up, Logan packs up his car and runs. He runs straight to McFarren Manor. He figures he will be safe there. He believes it's all he needs.

Bradley McFarren was only looking for someone to care for Gail, his aging grandmother. He is so busy with the family business he has no time for even a personal life much less to be able to give Gail the proper care she needs. And Gail's health is beginning to fail. So when young, energetic Logan appears, ready to take on the job, he thinks it's all he needs.

But they soon discover there is more to life than work and keeping their hearts safe. At some point they need to figure out that the only thing they really need, is a place to belong.  Read More

The Neighbors - A Vampire Story

Out before Halloween

The Blurb:

Danny never paid attention to the dark empty house next door. He and his friends all believed it was haunted though. An old Victorian, Danny always thought it would be a great place for Vampires to live. But graduating from high school in a week or so, Danny had other things on his mind.

But then the neighbors moved in. The very hot neighbors.

They were brothers who, Danny swore, were barely older than he was. And the oldest one, Gabriel, was enough to send Danny to his knees. Literately. Tall, dark and very handsome, Danny’s vivid imagination ran wild.

But then Danny heard noises coming from the neighbor’s house at night. Noises that sounded a lot like screams. And so what if the brothers came to Danny’s rescue one dark night. Something scared off his attackers so when the rumors started, the ones that said Gabriel and his brother Samuel were vampires, Danny was determined to find out the truth. Read More

Book video coming soon!

LADDERS is back! 

Amber Allure - November 1


Rhys has spent his entire life in underground Winderport. He knew there was a whole other world above his "sky" but he wasn't interested—until the day he chased a killer to that mystical upper world and saw Kullian, all six foot something of perfection. So what if the man was a notorious and powerful Fey Baron? Rhys wasn't a typical law abiding citizen himself. The very fact the man was dangerous made him that much more attractive and had Rhys wanting things he'd never even considered before. 

However, an injury causes Rhys to lose his memory and his only clues to his identity are his gun and a camera with pictures of Kullian's silver eyes looking right into the lens. But Rhys does have a couple memories—a very strong desire for the dangerous Kullian and he was after a murderer, a killer that just might be Kullian himself… READ MORE




Congratulations! You have a FATED MATE!

That was what the card said. Grey, an Alpha wolf shifter, laughed at it, though. Fated mate? What a joke! He had tried enough dating websites in the last month to choke a horse shifter and he was done with all of them. Besides, having a mate would mean joining a pack and that would just bring up a past Grey had no intention of doing.

But MATES, INC. had an agenda that would not be ignored or put off. Grey had a mate. And the powers that be were determined he was going to meet him come hell, high water, or a past best forgotten. READ MORE