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The Land of Ice Dragon

Names and Places

The People

Abydell – the dead wife of Aric Tamusi and the former Queen of Claymoor Doom. In a last ditch effort to save the Kingdom of Nor Ferry Mire from falling, the king and queen betrothed their daughter, Abydell, to the Crown Prince of Claymoor Doom. Abydell's father, King Silver Raven, died of pneumonia shortly before the royal wedding, and with no son having been born to inherit the throne, when Aric and Abydell wed, the kingdoms merged. Eventually this is what gave Aric the idea to consolidate the kingdoms.

Aric Tamusi – The young King of Claymoor Doom. He ascended to the throne when he was only twelve years old after his father was killed in the uprising of Amberlava in the northern forests. He was betrothed from birth to Abydell Raven, daughter of King Silver Raven, which added an entire kingdom to Claymoor Doom.

Caewyth – Abydell's twin sister who was given away at birth as payment to a sorceress whose talent with herbs and spells helped the Queen of Nor Ferry Mire to become pregnant. In dire need of an heir, the pregnancy resulted in twin girls. The original price, which was never disclosed, was changed to the witch taking away one of the twins. The witch was from the Kingdom of Riven Slade where she spirited the infant. Caewyth was raised by a coven, the original sorceress disappearing shortly thereafter. The coven fell into poverty. The head of the coven knew where Caewyth came from and thinking to blackmail for their silence, traveled to Nor Ferry Mire kingdom only to find it had fallen to the Kingdom of Claymoor Doom. She traveled further on to the Castle of Claymoor Doom and met with Prince Relel who pretended to be his brother, the king. Relel paid the coven off for their silence and had Caewyth moved to Dark Marsh where he began his secret plan to have her impersonate her sister, Queen Abydell.

Cetin gang – A destructive gang of thugs who loved to demolish as much as it loved to pillage. They became adept at flaunting their ability to escape King Aric in every venture. They were also responsible for the beating death of a very dear friend and subject of Aric's and he vowed to see them caught and punished.

Kurk Kuro - (His Grace, Lord) – Duke of the Province of the Moon, he is in love with Liarta.

Diagus Amar - Grew up as half-brother to Joron even though, as it turned out, they were not brothers at all, and was the Crown Prince of Blade Rain. After Oxys died he ascended to the throne and became the King of Blade Rain.

Erora Amar – Queen of Blade Rain, wife to King Oxys Amar. She is mother to both Diagus and Liarta.

Fali - sick daughter of Hawklin

Hawklin – The father who came to Blade Rain for the medicine that would save his young daughter's life, a medicine that was only produced and available in the royal infirmary.

Kinnabe – Prince Joron's valet and trusted companion

Liarta – Grew up as sister to Diagus and half-sister to Joron. She is the daughter of Queen Erora but, as it turns out, it is unclear who her father is. She is in love with the Duke of The Provence of the Moon, a fairly influential province in the kingdom of Blade Rain, which sits on the edge of the Blade Rain, bordering with Thunder Wolf Kingdom. The Province of the Moon is the first line of defense against the crazy king who presides over Thunder Wolf.

Lord VenTorry – He was Oxys' friend, originally from Stone Mire where he was the confidant and close companion of Duke Mormir until the Duke died. Unfortunately, since Erora was making constant visits to Stone Mire, he became obsessed with her. He was insanely jealous of Mormir's and Erora's relationship but he kept Mormir's secret that he was Diagus' real father. When the Duke died a very mysterious death, he had a suspicion Erora may have had a hand in it but said nothing. He moved to Blade Rain, befriending the promiscuous Oxys so he could be close to Erora. But Erora doesn't give him the time of day. Frustrated his advances are snubbed at every turn, VenTorry becomes angry and starts dropping hints to the king about his wife's possible involvement in the long ago death of Mormir. When Oxys comes to that same conclusion, and unfortunately sees, with the help of VenTorry, that his own illness mirrors Mormir's, he has VenTorry pen a letter to the King of Claymoor Doom, asking for assistance. VenTorry decides to use the letter to finally live out his fantasy concerning the queen. Believing the letter will come to nothing since the death was twenty four years ago, he chooses to duplicate the letter and commissioned a young lad to deliver the original to King Tamusi. VenTorry flaunts the fake letter in front of the queen, telling her he will not deliver it if she has sex with him. What he doesn't know is that the queen is determined to keep her secrets, even if she has to murder… again.

Momisa – The name given to Joron to use when he is talked into dressing up as a women in order to take medicine to Hawklin's family in Ghost Pines.

Naka - the very beautiful older daughter of Hawklin

Nochi – King Aric's personal guard and leader of his army.

Oxys Amar – The King of Blade Rain, and Joron's father.

Prince Joron Amar – The son born to Pyweneth. Oxys is Joron's father and Joron is raised in the castle Blade Rain as second in line for the throne after Pyweneth dies.

Prince Relel Tamusi – Aric's younger brother by two years

Pyweneth – Joron's mother from the province of Eldhaven, a far north coastal village that sits on the west coast of Shadowmere Bay. She became pregnant from Oxys when he traveled to the Kingdom of West Quay, where Eldhaven is located. He allowed her to keep the child because he was in love with her. He supported her in her far off village but when he hears she became ill he sent for both her and Joron.

Reeth – Taiyo's main nanny

Sherman Aki - the representative of King Oxys Amar. Prior to and after his death he reads into law the king's will.

Sworban – The guard who fell in love with Reeth and kidnapped little Tayio to impress Reeth when he is the one to find him.

TaParn – Aric's right hand man, his secretary and valet.

Tayio – The three old son of Aric and Abydell.


Amberlava – The most northern coast of Claymoor Doom. Very primitive, the people there do not like the idea they are under any kind of rule. In an uprising, Aric's father, the king, was killed. When Aric ascended to the throne he presided over an invasion into Amberlava, subduing the rebels and slaying those who had murdered the king. Years later, there is still unrest to the north.

Blade Rain – The kingdom that has the Ice Dragon Pass within its borders.

Claymoor Doom – The largest, wealthiest and strongest kingdom in the land.

Crystal Horn Kingdom – To the south and west of Blade Rain, this kingdom supports itself by farming. A small and quiet kingdom, they keep strictly to themselves. Diagus rode through this kingdom on his trek around the land but does not talk much about what he encountered there.

Dark Marsh – on the edge of the Norborne Mountains and The Great Marsh, this obscure village is where Prince Relel brings Caelyth, Abydell's twin sister, for training to become the duplicate of the late Abydell.

East Grand Province – south and west of the castle of Blade Rain, this province boasts highly prized farmlands, providing much of the produce in the kingdom of Blade Rain.

Eden Downs - the village in Claymoor Doom where the Cetin gang went to loot per Diagus' instructions.

Eldhaven – A far away sea village in the Kingdom of West Quay where Joron and his mother are from.

Forests of Black Willows – A mythical land that was only rumored to exist and where the wood came from to make the throne of Claymoor Doom

Ghost Pines – The village on the other side of the pass. It is actually a part of the pass itself and belongs to the kingdom of Blade Rain. It's most northern border is Claymoor Doom land.

Gray Valley – A small village nestled in the high hills in Claymoor Doom. This is where Diagus met the Cetin Gang.

Ice Dragon Pass – The only safe pass through the treacherous Norborne Mountains which extend the entire length of the land. It is a natural pass where the mountains thin and come together making it an easy trek to the other side. It is only passable during daylight hours.

Norborne Mountains – High treacherous mountains that extend all the way across the Land of Ice Dragon. They even extend into the ocean on either side of the land forming spiky peaks that are impossible to navigate over because they are just under the surface of the water.

Nor Ferry Mire – Originally the kingdom of Nor Ferry Mire, given over to Claymoor Doom when Aric and Abydell were married. The 'castle' is a large Chateau by the sea, high on the famous cliffs, where Aric used to go for relaxation and reflection before Abydell fell to her death from those same high cliffs.

Provence Of the Moon– On the south western edge of Blade Rain, it borders on Thunder Wolf land.

Riven Slade Kingdom – Little is known about this kingdom on the other side of Shadowmere Bay. More than half of its land is covered by the Great Marsh, a murky dangerous place full of unidentified bloodthirsty creatures. The Great Marsh is only defeated by the Norborne Mountains to the south and the Wilderglith Mountains to the east making this kingdom nearly impossible to travel to.

Shadowmere Bay – A large sea bay that extends into the Land of Ice Dragon.

Stone Mire – West of Blade Rain castle, through the Gloom Woods, this province boasts nothing more than fertile farm land. This was the province governed by Mormir, a man who had originally been a good friend of King Oxys Amar. Mormir died in his prime of life of an undetermined illness. His children took over the running of the province. This province also holds Royal land, land given to the queen of Blade Rain, Erora, upon the death of her husband.

Thunder Wolf Kingdom – The kingdom south and to the east of Blade Rain. The greedy king of this kingdom is also on a quest to rule over all only he is an invader.

West Quay Kingdom – This is another kingdom about which little is known. This is the kingdom Joron and his mother are originally from. Their village of Eldhaven sits far to the north on the shores of Shadowmere Bay.

Woods of Wyryn – South of the castle of Claymoor Doom these woods are thick and impenetrable, said to be the home of werewolves. It also borders a large shallow marsh called Baron Bog.

Wyrm Shire – This province is on the northern edge of the kingdom of Claymoor Doom, south of Amberlava, and has often been a place of unrest.