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Hyden's Law


Stupid, clueless little pup. Hyden pushed himself away from the door he had just closed Graham behind and forced himself to walk into the living room. If he didn’t, he was sure he would slam that door back open, rip those boxers off the man, and take him right there on the cold hardwood floor.

Why now? Why did his fated mate have to show up now? Fuck, the smell of the man. He had never before experienced anything like it. And for the pup to be ignorant of Hyden's Alpha status was just too much for him. But Hyden knew, due to the strong scent of fear rolling off the smaller man when he had even spoken that word, that his mate would bolt if he learned too quickly that Hyden was indeed not only an Alpha but the Alpha. The Solfang Pack was the dominant pack in the territory, and it was odd Graham hadn’t seemed to have heard of them. But the last thing he was capable of doing was outright lie to his fated mate. He could, and was going to have to, hide some of the truth. But lying was not ever going to work.

The timing of this sucked. He was just now moving into supreme power, and to be sidetracked by a naïve little pup was definitely going to be a problem. But he sure as hell wasn’t going to be able to let Graham slip away from him either. Hyden wasn’t the one who placed the ad in the paper, but if Graham needed to rent a room, he would rent it to him. And if Graham needed to believe Hyden was an Omega, then that’s what Hyden was going to have to be for a while. At least until he could convince the pup Hyden was his mate.

Except it was a week to the Mating Moon.

Was that going to be enough time for him to get Graham to understand what was happening? Because he would not be able to hold back when that moon hit. He was barely able to keep his wolf at bay the way it was. Snapping and growling at him already, his animal was clawing to get out and at the pup.

He heard a noise behind him, and he turned.

There he was. Beautiful and innocent. Maybe not virginal. That was fine. But he was in no way going to allow Graham to be physical with anyone else from now on. “Feeling better?” The sweatpants and top he had given the man were very obviously too big. They belonged to his sister, who was no small thing herself.

“Yes. Thank you.”

He had pushed up the sleeves and rolled up the pant legs. He looked absolutely adorable.

And fuckable.

He wanted to touch the hot skin beneath that fabric.

But he would have to wait. Shit. The beautiful man was talking to him, and he missed it.

“I’m sorry, Graham. What did you say?”

“I asked… what… what is the price? I think the paper was wrong. I think it was a typo or something because…”

“Come. Let’s sit down.” It would be easier for him to hide his reaction to this man if they sat. Hyden walked over to one of the white couches. He truly desired for Graham to sit at his feet and almost commanded him to do so but was able to keep his mouth shut. The gorgeous man sat opposite him on the other couch. Damn it. Too far away.

He was so timid. He sat perched at the end, looking ready to run at the slightest thing. Did he suspect? He should. How Hyden was going to keep from Graham what he was, he wasn’t sure, but at the very least, he was going to have to hide his rabid attraction. And his overpowering need to command the man to bend over for him. 

Right now.

He swallowed hard. Keep on task, or you will lose him.