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It had been the first time Logan thought about the possibility Gail was actually going to die. It had frightened him more than he thought possible. Bradley, who was in Chicago at the time, chartered a flight and had been at the hospital in less than three hours, just as Gail was going into surgery, a surgery Bradley had insisted she have. Being over the age of ninety, the doctors had strongly advised against it. They were convinced she would not live through it. But having the name McFarren moved mountains. Bradley said Gail was not done with life yet and her strength would pull her through.

And he was right.

Gail had sailed through surgery. Logan remembered Bradley actually kissing him when she woke up in recovery. He had picked the smaller Logan right off his feet, swung him around and then kissed him firmly on the lips. Logan had been so incredibly shocked at the time he didn’t know what to do. His body, however, knew exactly and reacted strongly to that kiss. Logan actually became dizzy due to his blood rushing south like that. But, as it turned out, the kiss had only been a joyous reaction to Gail’s near miraculous feat. Bradley would have done the same to any other nurse or even a doctor had one been standing as close to him as Logan had been.

But Logan never forgot it.

Because Logan was in love, and had been for a long time.

He wasn’t sure when it had started, this overpowering crush. Most likely that very first day he’d met with the man in his office, three years ago.

When Logan first saw Mr. McFarren he had to admit to actually drawing in his breath. The large man, who Logan had learned prior to arriving had recently turned forty-two, was more than beautiful. Tall, broad shoulders, deep resonating voice, he should have been intimidating but his kind and gentle eyes gave him completely away. From his dark, flawlessly styled hair to his expensive leather shoes, he was exactly Logan’s every dream come true.

“Hello. My name is Bradley McFarren.” He had held out his perfectly manicured hand, and Logan was almost afraid to touch it. But then Bradley enveloped Logan’s fingers in his own, and it was almost as if he swallowed Logan in one gulp.

Logan remembered being thrilled at that thought. In fact, it had been the first time in a very long time that Logan had become aroused. Going to school and then working more than full-time kept him incredibly busy, and his life in a tiny conservative town had not allowed for him to do much in the way of exploring relationships of any kind.

“Hi. I’m Logan Perry,” he had breathed.

“Well, Logan Perry, please sit down.” Bradley had indicated a chair in front of a massive desk, and Logan had slipped into it, perching on the edge, trying like everything to hide his intense interest. “I’ve looked over your resume and, I have to say, I’m intrigued. What makes a fine-looking young man like you even apply for this type of a position?”

Logan had smiled like an idiot when the gorgeous man called him “fine looking.” But Bradley had been right in that a young man wanting to take care of his eighty-nine year old grandmother had to seem odd. Logan remembered thinking he would never even be called for an interview, much less receive the job, but he needed to escape his pathetic existence in Iowa. When he received the tip, through a friend, of a private nursing job all the way down in Texas, he knew he had to try for it. Room, board, a small allowance, the use of a car and hundreds of miles away from Iowa, it was the perfect opportunity for escape. Now that he was here, he was determined to at least be considered.

“First of all, Mr. McFarren, I’m not sure that thirty years old is actually considered young but I’m a well-trained RN. I’ve enjoyed years of working in rehab centers in their transitional care and assisted living areas. I am very patient and kind, and love the older generation. I trust you have checked my references. You will find I am a perfect choice for your grandmother’s companion.”

“But you’re a man. I have to admit, the only real reason I am interviewing you is because I wanted to know why a man would apply for this position. So far, all I have and all you have given me are your qualifications. Which are stellar because, in answer to your statement, of course I checked your references, but none of the ones on your resume. Having money gives me the ability to take the inside track. To be frank, I was impressed by your work ethic and standards. I found nothing but glowing reports of how wonderfully you do your job. But you see, Mr. Perry, I adore my grandmother. She means the world to me and I have no intention of allowing just anyone access to her. No matter how qualified. What I want to know is your motive in wanting this job.”

“Motive, sir?”

“You’re coming all the way from Iowa. Have you no family? Friends? Why are you running, Mr. Perry?”