Hurri Cosmo       

Love is the answer

The Neighbors

Danny always thought the dark empty house next door was a great place for vampires to live. Even his friends thought it had to be haunted.

But then the neighbors moved in. The very hot neighbors.

They were brothers who, Danny swore, were barely older than he was. And the eldest one, Gabriel, was enough to send Danny to his knees. Literately. Good God, tall, dark and ridiculously handsome, Danny’s vivid imagination ran wild. Gabriel’s devilish smile had Danny thinking some very un-high school- like thoughts.

Yeah, yeah, Danny was still a high school student. Big deal He was eighteen, soon to be nineteen, and days away from graduation.

Then one night, the brothers strangely magically appeared when Danny was being viciously attacked, rescuing him by scaring the assholes off. Really scaring them. Which had honestly been a little weird. Then the next day, those same assholes began spreading the rumor the brothers were something unnatural. Vampires, they whispered around town. 

Huh. Vampires. Danny kind of liked the whole idea of being bitten by a sexy vampire. And Gabriel was all kinds of that. Maybe Danny was going to have to do a bit of investigating…

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