Hurri Cosmo       

Love is the answer

The Superior Jewel

Release date - July 6, 2014 - Amber Allure


Beautiful. Dark, shiny hair that begged to have fingers running through it, a body that… wow, needed to be tasted, licked from those perfect ear lobes all the way down… okay, Ryan couldn't see much more than a long, tanned throat before all that smooth, wonderful skin was hidden away beneath clothes someone this utterly stunning should never have to wear. He wanted to nibble on those unseen nipples and drill his tongue into that concealed belly button. And lower still until...


He was gorgeous, just like the first time Ryan had seen him, which coincidently had also been the only other time Ryan caught himself admiring a man. Oh, he had certainly appreciated other men before—but who hadn't? He appreciated the cut of a particular suit and whether or not it looked good on a particular person. He appreciated a good hair cut or maybe even a nice, muscular body once in a while. But never had any of those thoughts descended right to his cock. He had never before thought about touching a man or for crying out loud, licking a man. But now…

The first time Ryan  had seen the handsome man was a good two months ago when Ryan had been cornered by a former employee in the bathroom at the law firm where he worked. Being a paralegal usually entailed nothing more than being immersed in stacks of books or glued to the screen of a computer. Rarely did anything exciting ever happen other than maybe a close deadline. But unfortunately for Ryan, after one stupid week on the job, he had become embroiled in an ethical issue with Greg, one of the other employees. Greg ended up being fired. He then quickly decided "the new boy" was wholly to blame for it. After several phone threats from the guy, something Ryan never mentioned to anyone, Greg slipped into the men's room on the second floor near his former employment. Ryan had made it a habit to stop in right before heading home. Greg was waiting for him.

Ryan should have been more on guard than he was. He honestly didn't think Greg had it in him to attack. But that wasn't the only reason he should have realized something was up. When Ryan walked toward the bathroom, he did see someone duck through the door while another man turned away and walked a couple of paces down the hall. Unfortunately, Ryan thought nothing of it.

"You son of a bitch! You fucking got me fired! I'm gonna show you what happens to assholes like you!" Greg had hidden behind the door and jumped Ryan when he came in. Now he had Ryan up against the wall with one large hand around his throat and another pinning Ryan's left wrist to the wall. Ryan was trying to pry the hand away from his throat but the guy had slammed him pretty hard. The pain blasted through his head, making it hard to even think, much less try to save himself. Opening his eyes proved no help either because the room was spinning—not to mention he couldn't breathe. Suddenly the guy released his throat, grabbed the front of his shirt along with his tie, hauled him from the wall, and drove a fist into Ryan's stomach. Ryan doubled over then went to his knees. "Yeah, asshole. Maybe you want to suck my cock! Maybe that will be partial payment, huh?" Ryan watched in dizzy horror as Greg unzipped himself. Was he laughing? Suddenly there was a loud, thumping noise coming from outside the door. 

The door opened when Ryan painfully turned his head and in walked the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen. The fact he was thinking that about a man would come back to him later. But right now, even though he was still having trouble focusing, he was able to look right into the beautiful man's eyes. Was this his savior? He silently pleaded to the man for help. He wasn't sure if Greg meant to do serious damage or not, but before Ryan went down, he caught the overwhelming smell of alcohol on Greg's breath. Greg's problems on the job had been compounded by that very thing.

The beautiful man stopped just inside the door, taking in the scene before him. He was rubbing his right fist with his left hand. Ryan thought he saw blood. "Am I interrupting something?" His eyes came back to rest on Ryan, who stared back up at him crazily thinking just how fucking sexy that voice was.

"How the hell did you get in here?" Greg's words were now a bit slurred. Towering over the kneeling Ryan, he could see Greg's shadow weaving a little. "Kyle? Kyle!"

The beautiful man winked at Ryan then turned his attention fully on Greg. "Oh! Kyle's the name of the guy outside the door here?" He jerked his head back toward the door he had just come in. "Nah, he can't hear you. I think he's napping right now." He flexed his right hand as he cracked his knuckles one by one. "You see, I saw the two of you slinking around outside the bathroom making sure no one was in here, making sure the coast was all clear. I decided to watch to see what kind of third grade prank you were trying to pull. But when this guy approached the bathroom"—Ryan, who remained kneeling on the floor, startled when the man pointed at him. Color rose to his cheeks too as the man stared into his eyes—"it became obvious he was the target. Figured he needed rescuing." Those beautiful eyes left Ryan's again. "Oh, your good buddy, Kyle, out there, tried to stop me. He didn't get too far." He switched hands as he cracked the knuckles of his left hand and chuckled.  

"What? You came to this asshole's rescue? Well, you're too late." Greg growled then kicked Ryan hard in the ribs, sending Ryan off his knees and into the wall behind him. The rest was a blur. He heard a loud, long scuffle, some swearing, and that sweet, beautiful face was suddenly right in front of his. Ryan jerked back in surprise with a slight whimper.

"Hey! Hey. Just me. I'm not going to hurt you." He cupped Ryan's face in his large hands. "Are you okay? Should we get you to a hospital? Call the police?"

"No… please, I'm fine." But his head did hurt and where he was kicked burned like a bitch. If he thought about the punch to his stomach, he could feel that too but the other two pains were worse. "Could… could you step back a bit? I can't seem to…" He was trying to put his feet back under him but he didn't have enough room.

The beautiful man put his hands under Ryan's arms and gently lifted him to his feet. Ryan cried out when the man swung him around and set him up on the counter near the sinks as easily and tenderly as if he were lifting a child. The man's face was close when he put him down and Ryan had the distinct impression he was going to be kissed because time had stopped when they stared into each other's eyes. But someone breathed and the man blinked, so the moment passed.

He whispered into Ryan's face, "Let's take a look at you." He pulled back, putting a single finger under Ryan's chin and lifting. His other hand lightly examined Ryan's throat, caressing, tickling. "Hmmm. Looks like there might be a little bit of bruising here. Was that jerk choking you?" Ryan felt a shiver and for some reason his cock came to full attention when those fingers traveled down the front of his chest. He released Ryan's chin when Ryan tried to nod. "Bastard." he breathed. "To think this beautiful skin has been discolored, even temporarily, by such an idiot. I should have kicked him harder. But don't worry, I'm pretty sure the bruises he's going to have will outdo this one." He reached up and softly touched Ryan's neck again. "But obviously that isn't all he did. May I look further?" Without waiting for Ryan to agree, he started pulling on Ryan's shirt, dragging it out of his pants and pushing it up toward his chin.

"Hold on! What are you doing?" But the man didn't pay any attention to his protests. He simply pushed him back against the mirror with the hand bunching up his shirt and finished baring Ryan's abdomen. When the man's warm hand touched Ryan's stomach, the shiver he had felt earlier turned into a full out tremble that started at the base of his cock and shot right up through his heart. Ryan began breathing heavily when the stranger's hand explored his abdomen, stroking and pushing gently. Did Ryan just feel him rub over his nipple? Crap! He had to be bulging very noticeably in his pants right now and if he didn't stop that hand soon, he was going to embarrass the hell out of himself.

"You're so beautiful. So… amazing," the man whispered. "Does it hurt at all when I do this?"

Oh fuck! Hurt? No, but it sure as hell shouldn't feel like that either! Ryan finally grabbed the man's hands and pulled them away. "Wait… please… I'm fine. Really." But his voice was gravelly and hoarse and sounding winded. What the fucking hell? How hard had he hit his head to react like this to a man? He scooted himself off the counter and stepped away from his rescuer, pulling his shirt down as far as he could but suddenly feeling naked in front of those dark eyes.

The beautiful man looked a little winded himself, as he wiped his forehead. He cleared his throat, put his hands on his hips, and cocked his head to the side with a very concerned look on his face. "Are you sure? Maybe I should take you home with me? Watch over you to make sure your not—you know—hurt… or anything." He cleared his throat again.

"No! I am perfectly normal. I mean, I'm fine. I'm perfectly fine. Thank you for… well… thank you... for…" Crap. He was rescued again and this time by a total stranger. Lately it seemed to be happening more and more often. From his professor in law school who had gotten him out of a tight spot, to his roommate's father who called in a favor and got this job for him, and now this. It appeared as if he couldn't even protect himself. I'm so damn pathetic.

A slight noise broke the sudden silence that had fallen and the man reached inside his coat pocket for his cell phone. He looked at it with irritation then rolled his eyes when he evidently saw who was calling. He glanced back at Ryan. "I'm sorry, but I have to take this." He swore under his breath. He pointed a finger at Ryan. "Stay right here for just a minute. I'll get rid of who this is and be right back. Please don't leave." He pushed a button and held the phone to his ear. He shot a look back at Ryan. "I mean it. Stay there." He walked out of the bathroom muttering through clenched teeth into the phone.

Ryan felt like he had been run over. He turned slightly and caught his reflection in the mirror. He looked like he had been run over. His shirt was hanging askew, his hair was wild, and there was definitely an angry bruise starting to form under his chin. He lifted his shirt to examine the beginning bruise there too when the door opened again. But it wasn't the beautiful man. It was a group of men who walked in this time, laughing and chatting, but they stopped short when they saw Ryan. Ryan recognized them. They worked on the fourth floor at an advertising firm. He didn't know any of their names but the man who walked in first, leading the group, had propositioned Ryan once in this very bathroom. They all looked shocked for just a moment then the first man grinned and ducked down as he pretended to look under the doors of the stalls. "You doing someone in here, Ryan? Maybe I should take a number? Get those pretty lips wrapped around me?" He laughed, but the others looked confused and uncomfortable.

Now, of course, to add to his disheveled look, Ryan knew he was blushing hard with more shock and embarrassment. He ducked his head low and pushed right through the group still standing just inside the door and he darted from the bathroom. He took off for the elevators, hearing someone yelling at him to stop but he ignored it. I just need to get out of here.

Too late he remembered the beautiful man.

I didn't even ask his name.